Three Easy Reading Tips

As a former teacher, books and reading are a huge passion of mine. Emmy’s Grammy is also a reading recovery teacher so this child is surrounded by literacy. I am hoping to share some easy ideas to help create a rich literacy environment that fosters a love for reading and books.


Here are three easy ideas for you to try today!

  • Be Silly Take this time to be silly! Create voices for each character, go over the top for sounds and just have fun! I hate my singing voice, but when there is a song in a book I just go for it! Emmy loooves it and we end up having so much fun reading together. Your learner will pick up on how you read, and before you know it, you’ll see them making silly sounds and voices when they pick up a book.
  • Read the pictures In the beginning of kindergarten, I start the year by teaching my students to read independently and every year they tell me that they can’t because they don’t know how to read! I always respond with, “You can read! You are already a reader!” I reinforce this by showing them that they can read the pictures. This is such an easy and fun skill to start now. Go through a book with your little one and just point to the pictures. There are so many literacy skills you are covering with this simple task. This is especially great with babies, but since this is a skill I teach to kinders, you won’t need to modify it for your children of various ages. Have fun!!
  • Point to words When you read, point to the words. Your child already notices that when you pick up a book, you are talking and telling a story. Pointing to words is another way to instill meaning. They will begin to notice that those silly symbols on the page mean something.

These are simple and easy things to try, and it’s likely many of you already do this! Please share your experiences whether it be old or new! I love hearing from you!


The pictures from today’s post were taken by Sunshine Marigold Photography


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