Easter Sensory Bin

Emmy and I visit Target at least once a week. Our favorite spot is the dollar aisle. This week I started an Easter sensory bin with some dollar aisle finds along with some things I already had at the house. When I create a sensory bin I keep it in rotation for a few weeks. I add things, take things out, etc. With this being my first sensory bin post, I want to clarify my goal: I hope that you can find something that works for you and your little one. I will always post examples of what I do with my daughter, but I hope to modify for your older or younger children.

I found these adorable bunnies for $1 along with these cute Easter Eggs. I have an obsession with ribbon so I grabbed some Easter colors. I also happened to have some green tissue paper.

I usually make the sensory bin with Emmy because it provides some opportunities to narrate what I’m doing. My teaching background often comes into play here, it can seem awkward but I simply describe what I am doing. For example, I start by cutting the tissue paper (safely so these curious toddler hands can’t grab the scissors) and say, “Mommy is cutting the green paper to make green grass.” I place it in the container as I cut and she immediately starts exploring. Then I cut the ribbon, add the eggs and bunnies.

This first experience in the sensory basket is always the easiest part. She stays engaged with new items to explore. My main goal is to keep the tissue paper out of her mouth! Emmy takes a pacifier, so I can easily pop that in and she no longer attempts to make these items a meal.

For a younger baby, this can be a great tummy time activity. Lay baby on their belly on a nursing pillow so their little hands can reach the basket. I wouldn’t even cut the tissue paper. They will be amused crinkling the paper, or touching the eggs and ribbon.

For an older child, they can make the grass by ripping the paper, and they would also enjoy opening and closing the eggs. This would be a good opportunity to put something inside the eggs. Cheerios? Then it can turn to a counting activity/snack!

Have fun, and please share any changes you made, or what worked for you! I will post again when I change the basket a little to keep Emmy’s interest.


Going and Growing with Alex

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Alex, I am a creative, clumsy, and happy mom to a spunky, silly, strong-willed little lady named Emmy. My husband and I reside in Wisconsin, but we are both transplants from Atlanta. We love to travel, eat and play with our cutie. I have spent my first year of motherhood adjusting to my new role. After a year, I feel like I have re-discovered my passions for creating rich learning environments for young minds. My goal for this blog is to share my ideas, my successes, my messes and more while navigating my life as a stay-at-home mom. Thanks for visiting my page!